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072: is Anyone Actually Doing Research Anymore?

with Patrice Brendamour, Ben Roethig, Jerome Koehler

On this Deconstruct, Ben, Patrice, and yes even Jerry take on the announcement of the upcoming female 13th Doctor on Doctor Who and vacuums of doom while Ben has no idea what day it is while Patrice’s BMW is holding him hostage. Oh yeah, there’s some some tech stories to talk about as well. In our first story, CoM irresponsibly encourages everyone to try public beta software. We talk about the reasons to this is an incredibly terrible idea and why its not its not the manufacturer’s fault if things do not work. In our second article, TidBits clears up the real story about AgileBits’s One Password and how they are not requiring you to use their cloud service. Lastly, Fortune argues that Apple and Google need their own Prime Day. They fail to realize that neither of them are retailers.

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