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We at Deconstruct like to connect awesome products and companies with the right customers. Our listeners are not the average people you’ll find on big websites or TV shows, they enjoy critical thinking and have a sense of humor. Thus your product should be well suited for this type of audience, whether it’s a new awesome social network, a website building tool, some kind of hardware (e.g. a fitness tracker or a NAS), high quality clothing or anything to improve our stressful lives. High quality should be your guiding principle, both on the product as well as on the customer service side of your business.

We won’t take on sponsors we aren’t supporting 100%. Anything else wouldn’t be fair to you (because our listeners would probably sense it) or to our listeners.

Your product will be featured in an integrated sponsor read in one of our shows and also mentioned at the beginning and the end of the sponsored episode. You can decide whether we’ll use a copy written script or just talk about our own experiences with your product and why we enjoy it.
In addition, your company and product will be mentioned and linked in the episode description and in the post on deconstruct.tv.

If you’re interested in sponsoring one (or more) of our episodes, please send us an email at: advertise@deconstruct.tv

Or just use this contact form: